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IMG 4060

Creative Barometer

This beautiful weeping crab tree is situated in a garden between the doors to the house, and my studio. I see it many times during the day; traveling up and down the driveway, entering the house and studio, and most importantly when I am weaving. The seasons give it a different look, and that look often determines how well I stay on schedule to be working in the studio.

This photo was taken yesterday, at the start of a storm that dumped almost 2 feet of snow on us. The winter is a time of introspection for many people, and it is my most creative time of year. The outside distractions hide under the snow so I can concentrate on creating new work, finishing the old, and organizing the clutter from past projects.

While my world is now covered in white, I can gain more weaving time, but my mind is thinking about Spring. Soon the birds will return to eat the remaining crabapples.  The tree will be budding and then covered with fluffy white blossoms. It will beckon me outdoors to tend the garden, ride my bicycle and bring the dye pots onto the deck which becomes my outdoor studio. It is a different setting containing its own creative rhythm to pursue ideas from my notebooks that have been waiting for the snow to melt.