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A Closer Look

“A Closer Look” is the name of my first solo exhibit from May 31st-June 23, 2014 at Valley Artisans Market Small Gallery in Cambridge, NY.

It is also a recurring thought about recognizing the layers of life around us; the ordinary in our daily routines, that when looked at more closely can be extraordinary.

As humans, we are hardwired to filter out information that is not necessary for accomplishing a task. If we payed attention to all of the stimulation around us all of the time, we wouldn’t get much done! Think about moving to a place where you are awakened at 2:00 in the morning by a loud train whistle. The filtering system in our brain will eventually block this new sound so we can get a good nights sleep, which is a good thing!

Sometimes we are pulled out of ourselves to look around. Stepping out of my studio at night, I have walked across the driveway for over 20 years and looked up at the moon, quickly gazing as I cross from one building to the next. But not really taking the time to stand still, and look with a finer tuned eye at this changing orb in the night sky.

I will have some new pieces in this exhibit; the start of a moon series, which has also pulled my mind in other directions to newly discover what has been in front of me all along.

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First post!

"Forest Floor"

“Forest Floor”

After ten years of saying I need to get a website, it is finally here!

I thought it would be easy to do myself after listening to countless people say so, but, wisely sought assistance so another ten years did not pass by.

So, I have graduated from a handwritten newsletter from Blue Heron Designs early days to the exciting possibilities of communicating by computer. I am thrilled to be able to share news about my creative process, ideas, exhibits and teaching through text and pictures with the touch of a button!

Coinciding with the launch of my site, you can find some of my accessories and art at Kris Gregson Moss’ studio “Moss and Friends” located in The Shirt Factory in Glens Falls, New York.

Kris and I have been friends since working together in special education at Warrensburg, and have also exhibited together at Tannery Pond.

Landscape Bag-Water. Acrylic monoprint on canvas. 8"x9"

Landscape Bag-Water. Acrylic monoprint on canvas. 8″x9″

At a recent LARAC show, we discovered that I had titled my piece “Forest Floor”, the same name that Kris was giving an upcoming show at her gallery! Kris said that it just had to be included in The Forest Floor exhibit which February 15th with a reception from 4-6 pm.

I recently brought some monoprinted canvas hand bags and lattice scarves to Poiema in North Creek; a beautiful boutique with local and internationally made treasures for fashion, beauty and interior design.

There are many little shops and eateries to experience in this little town at the base of Gore Mountain, an enjoyable destination for a lovely drive to the Adirondacks.