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Coalescence V: Viewpoints

I am looking forward to my next show, a group exhibition, Coalescence V: Viewpoints,  on May 1-30 at The Shirt Factory Gallery in Glens Falls, NY.

Our individual inspirations used to create a Shirt Factory related piece was composed into a group statement by Robin Blakney-Carlson and is contained in the following paragraph.

This is the second group exhibition for Coalescence V, bringing together the diverse styles and disciplines of five fiber artists who share a collaborative spirit: Robin Blakney-Carlson, Eileen Donovan, Charlene Leary, Joanna Monroe, and Kris Gregson Moss.

In the early stages of planning for this exhibition we began formulating our creative vision.  We chose The Shirt Factory as a reference point for a series of new work we would create for the exhibition. Some of us felt compelled by the social history of the textile workers who, like us, were makers sharing pride in our work.  Each of us expressed fascination with the physical building- the silent stories beautifully told by worn floors, architectural details, and surfaces transformed by time.

Our homage to The Shirt Factory is documented in the photographs each artist took, and reinterpreted in their medium.




New show at the Johnsburg Library, North Creek NY



This is  my second library show in a row this year, and will be up until January 31st. I like showing my work at a library. Lots of people get to see it, and the setting is less intimidating than a gallery.

I am sharing the space with Jane Feldblum, who agreed to exhibit her beautiful knotted cotton and linen art at the library with me.   I first met Jane 10 years ago when she was giving chair massages at a winter party mutual friends put on every February. During my massage I learned that Jane had been an art teacher in Albany before pursuing her education as a massage therapist. Jane has made art in several different media, but it is her fiber work using knotted cotton and linen that sparked my interest.  Her pieces are small, and made from hundreds (maybe thousands) of knots. She has also used copper wire in her work, which of course looks great with my DSC01543woven copper!

It is always exciting to discover how the pieces “talk” to each other (a comment from my friend Jeanne)
during a shared show. Jane’s and my art look great together, and are having a lively conversation. If you live in the area, I hope you can drop by to see/hear it!


Growing up in the Fifties

I know many people who made these potholders as kids. I re-discovered them in the fall, making lots on a larger loom with great colored cotton loops. So much fun to give and they almost always evoke childhood memories of crafting at home as a regular event.

Conversations about these simpler times often include neighborhood games like “kick the can” usually played late into the evening; hiding in the cemetery was an exciting and scary thing to do, riding bikes to friends houses, roller skating on the sidewalks- downhill with escape routes!, ice skating once the local pond was frozen over, sledding, and Sunday drives with our families. It was safe enough to be out all day on a Saturday walking and exploring wherever we wanted without adult supervision.

Certainly a more innocent time, and with the advances in technology our world and awareness has expanded. Overall a good thing, but I enjoy the experience of working with my hands to create which stays with me in this fast paced world.




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Creative Barometer

This beautiful weeping crab tree is situated in a garden between the doors to the house, and my studio. I see it many times during the day; traveling up and down the driveway, entering the house and studio, and most importantly when I am weaving. The seasons give it a different look, and that look often determines how well I stay on schedule to be working in the studio.

This photo was taken yesterday, at the start of a storm that dumped almost 2 feet of snow on us. The winter is a time of introspection for many people, and it is my most creative time of year. The outside distractions hide under the snow so I can concentrate on creating new work, finishing the old, and organizing the clutter from past projects.

While my world is now covered in white, I can gain more weaving time, but my mind is thinking about Spring. Soon the birds will return to eat the remaining crabapples.  The tree will be budding and then covered with fluffy white blossoms. It will beckon me outdoors to tend the garden, ride my bicycle and bring the dye pots onto the deck which becomes my outdoor studio. It is a different setting containing its own creative rhythm to pursue ideas from my notebooks that have been waiting for the snow to melt.

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First post!

"Forest Floor"

“Forest Floor”

After ten years of saying I need to get a website, it is finally here!

I thought it would be easy to do myself after listening to countless people say so, but, wisely sought assistance so another ten years did not pass by.

So, I have graduated from a handwritten newsletter from Blue Heron Designs early days to the exciting possibilities of communicating by computer. I am thrilled to be able to share news about my creative process, ideas, exhibits and teaching through text and pictures with the touch of a button!

Coinciding with the launch of my site, you can find some of my accessories and art at Kris Gregson Moss’ studio “Moss and Friends” located in The Shirt Factory in Glens Falls, New York.

Kris and I have been friends since working together in special education at Warrensburg, and have also exhibited together at Tannery Pond.

Landscape Bag-Water. Acrylic monoprint on canvas. 8"x9"

Landscape Bag-Water. Acrylic monoprint on canvas. 8″x9″

At a recent LARAC show, we discovered that I had titled my piece “Forest Floor”, the same name that Kris was giving an upcoming show at her gallery! Kris said that it just had to be included in The Forest Floor exhibit which February 15th with a reception from 4-6 pm.

I recently brought some monoprinted canvas hand bags and lattice scarves to Poiema in North Creek; a beautiful boutique with local and internationally made treasures for fashion, beauty and interior design.

There are many little shops and eateries to experience in this little town at the base of Gore Mountain, an enjoyable destination for a lovely drive to the Adirondacks.