Coalescence V: Viewpoints

Growing up in the Fifties

I know many people who made these potholders as kids. I re-discovered them in the fall, making lots on a larger loom with great colored cotton loops. So much fun to give and they almost always evoke childhood memories of crafting at home as a regular event.

Conversations about these simpler times often include neighborhood games like “kick the can” usually played late into the evening; hiding in the cemetery was an exciting and scary thing to do, riding bikes to friends houses, roller skating on the sidewalks- downhill with escape routes!, ice skating once the local pond was frozen over, sledding, and Sunday drives with our families. It was safe enough to be out all day on a Saturday walking and exploring wherever we wanted without adult supervision.

Certainly a more innocent time, and with the advances in technology our world and awareness has expanded. Overall a good thing, but I enjoy the experience of working with my hands to create which stays with me in this fast paced world.