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A Closer Look

“A Closer Look” is the name of my first solo exhibit from May 31st-June 23, 2014 at Valley Artisans Market Small Gallery in Cambridge, NY.

It is also a recurring thought about recognizing the layers of life around us; the ordinary in our daily routines, that when looked at more closely can be extraordinary.

As humans, we are hardwired to filter out information that is not necessary for accomplishing a task. If we payed attention to all of the stimulation around us all of the time, we wouldn’t get much done! Think about moving to a place where you are awakened at 2:00 in the morning by a loud train whistle. The filtering system in our brain will eventually block this new sound so we can get a good nights sleep, which is a good thing!

Sometimes we are pulled out of ourselves to look around. Stepping out of my studio at night, I have walked across the driveway for over 20 years and looked up at the moon, quickly gazing as I cross from one building to the next. But not really taking the time to stand still, and look with a finer tuned eye at this changing orb in the night sky.

I will have some new pieces in this exhibit; the start of a moon series, which has also pulled my mind in other directions to newly discover what has been in front of me all along.